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What is Camp Caleb?

Camp Caleb’s mission is “to bring military youth into an authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to strengthen their own family and peer relationships, and to prepare them for standing for Jesus Christ as teenagers.” We accomplish this through Christ-centered teaching times, experiential learning, counselor-child relationships, and peer sharing/ encouragement. At Camp Caleb our passion is to spiritually equip children to face the struggles of modern day society.

Download the 2018 Camp Caleb packing list

Activities at Camp Caleb

Logo for Camp Caleb, at OCFs White Sulphur Springs

The CAMP store!

This year campers will have the opportunity a couple times during the week to visit our camp store. They can select from a small collection of snacks and sundries. They each have $15 to spend in the store. This stipend is included in the camp registration fee and is no extra cost to the parents.

*Parents dropping off or picking up campers receive a 20% off their stay (up to 2 nights)

* please ask for this discount, it is not automatic

Throughout the week, Camp Caleb enjoys such activities as horseback riding, theme-related crafts, indoor climbing wall, swimming, riflery/archery, canoeing, ropes course, and a trail ride. The program uses activities to teach teamwork, responsibility, and most importantly reliance on Christ through a consistent, lasting personal relationship. During the day, activities are often introduced with a spiritual emphasis and at night, our staff leads praise and worship around the campfire, followed by a spiritually focused discussion of the day’s activities.

2018 Dates & Rates

There are 3 rates for camp, Non-military, Partial cost and/or Sibling (when siblings attend the same week), and Military. Please choose the rate that fits your camper. Siblings will need separate reservations. Military is defined as: child of active duty or retired military family.

The discounted rate for children of military families reflects that for many military families, WSS is a constant in an ever transitioning world. Kids put down roots and pull them up again as fast as the military moves your family. Know that the military rate does not cover the full cost of your child’s camp experience. If you would like to choose the full cost option for camp, your gift will greatly help our camps thrive. Thanks!

Click on the “Register for Camp Caleb” button to make a registration and find out more about the costs of the individual elementary camps; Caleb Junior (3rd & 4th grade) Caleb’s Adventure (5th & 6th grade) and Caleb’s Challenge (7th & 8th grade)

Let’s go to camp!

Caleb Junior
  • Caleb Junior, a program for kids entering grades 3rd and 4th, will provide a great first time camp experience for your youngster.
  • 10-15 June
  • 1-6 July

Caleb's Adventure
  • Caleb’s Adventure, for rising 5th and 6th graders, offers increased challenge and new activities.
  • 17-22 June
  • 24-29 June
  • 1-6 July
  • 8-13 July
  • 22-27 July

Caleb's Challenge
  • Caleb’s Challenge will specifically address the many issues facing today’s rising 7th and 8th graders.
  • 24-29 June
  • 8-13 July
  • 15-20 July
  • 29 July- 3 Aug
Register Now for Camp Caleb!

Questions? Call Us at: 814.623.5583 or Email us at:

Registration fee: A $100 registration deposit is required at the time of registration. The remainder of the fee is due upon check-in.

Refund policy: The $100 registration deposit is fully refundable if you need to cancel more than 30 days prior to arrival date. Within the 30-day window, your registration fee is not refundable.

**New this year- there is no wait list for non-military. First come, first serve. There is a discounted price for children of military families.