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Summer Senior Staff

2018 Senior Staff Positions

Dates of Service 29 May- 7 Aug

(Dates listed on the Application)

  • Boys’ Support Team (H.S.) Supervisor
  • Girls’ Support Team (H.S.) Supervisor
  • Girls’ Support Team Assistant Supervisor
  • Boys’ Support Team Assistant Supervisor
  • Office Assistant/Receptionist
  • Activities Staff Supervisor
  • AV Technician
  • Kitchen “King/Queen”
  • Cook’s Assistant
  • Fine Arts Coordinator/Office Assistant
  • Photographer

(Dates listed on the application)

  • Teacher Coordinator
  • Middle School Teacher
  • Teachers PreK-Grade 5
  • Nursery Coordinators

Youth Camp for Grades 3-8

(Dates on the Application)

  • Camp Caleb Coordinator
  • Head Counselors (male & female)
  • Chef

Teen Adventure Camp

(Dates on the application)

We are trying something new this year with AO! staff. We will select 3 pairs of AO! trip leaders (6 people total) & each pair will rotate through a week on AO!, a week in support of AO! and a week as our R&R High School Teaching Team.

  • AO! Coordinator
  • Trip Leaders (male & female)/High School Teacher

Senior Staff is a ten-week opportunity for rising college sophomores to adult, to serve at White Sulphur Springs during the summer months. Senior Staff at White Sulphur Springs is essentially a missionary calling where servants of Jesus Christ set aside ten weeks of the summer to give themselves in His service and minister in His name to members of the military society and their families.

We offer a variable stipend between $1250-$1850 based on seniority and responsibility for a full summer service period (early June to mid-August), as well as room and board. Demonstrated Christian character and a servant’s heart are vital to anyone interested in participating in this program. The Senior Staff team serves in areas of increased responsibility, augmenting the permanent camp staff.

WSS is offering internships for the Senior Staff positions. If you seek internship credit for your time as a Senior Staffer, please indicate that on the position interest (page 2) of the application. If feasible, we will work with you and your academic advisor to make that possible. Please pray about serving this coming summer in an exciting missions project—ministry to military families.

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Staff Apprenticeship Program

2018 Staff Apprentice Positions

Youth Camp for Grades 3-8 (Space is limited)

Asst Counselors will help serve Camp Caleb by: assisting the Head Counselors, serving as the Camp Caleb photographer and assisting the Camp Caleb Chef.

Each session is four weeks long

  • CC Asst Counselor #1 (Thur 7 June- Sat 7 July)
  • CC Asst Counselor #2 (Fri 22 June- Sat 21 July)
  • CC Asst Counselor #3 (Fri 6 July- Sun 5 Aug)

(Space is limited)

Each session is four weeks

  • Wrangler Asst #1 (Thur 7 June- Sat 7 July)
  • Wrangler Asst #2 (Fri 6 July- Sun 5 Aug)

The Activities Staff will set up and run numerous activities on the property, to include the zip line, climbing wall, water slide, etc. Space is limited.

All dates are on the application

  • Activities Staff Asst #1 (Thur 7 June- Sat 7 July)
  • Activities Staff Asst #2 (Fri 6 July- Sun 5 Aug)

The Nursery Assistant assists the Nursery Coordinator in caring for kids 0-2. Space is limited.

All dates are on the spplication

  • Nursery Asst #1 (Thur 7 June- Sat 7 July)
  • Nursery Asst #2 (Fri 6 July- Sun 5 Aug)

The Staff Apprenticeship Program is a four week opportunity for those 16 or older. Because of the maturity required, this is a good opportunity for a recent high school graduate. Staff apprentices work directly under the Senior Staff in a hands-on ministry role, specifically in four areas. These areas are Camp Caleb Assistant Counselor, Assistant Wrangler, Activities Staff Assistant and Teacher/Nursery Assistant.

As an Assistant Counselor, you would minister directly to third through eighth graders in our youth camp program called Camp Caleb. As Assistant Wrangler, you would assist the wrangler with the care and feeding of the horses and preparing them for trail rides. Please indicate a preference for a Support Team slot as well, in case you are not selected for the Staff Apprenticeship Program.

The Activities Staff Assistants help run our group activities. To be an Activities Assistant you must display excellent guest and hospitality skills, the ability to play with kids AND adults, have good planning skills and be willing to spend time outdoors in the sun. Our Teacher/Nursery Assistants help carry the load of our youth programs. A gentle and firm spirit is required and the ability to HAVE FUN with kids from nursery through high school.

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Download an Application PDF

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Support Team

2018 Support Positions

2018 Dates

  • Support Team #1 (Thur 7 June- Sat 23 June)
  • Support Team #2 (Fri 22 June- Sat 7 July)
  • Support Team #3 (Fri 6 July- Sat 21 July)
  • Support Team #4 (Fri 20 July- Sun 5 Aug)

Support Team is a two-week opportunity for high school students, 15 years and older, to serve at the White Sulphur Springs Inn during the summer months. The support team provides essential volunteer services to augment the permanent camp staff.

Loving Christ and guests through serving meals, cleaning rooms, mowing, clearing trails and many other activities teaches teens the true meaning of being a servant, and creates memories and friendships that last for years. Demonstrated Christian character and a servant’s heart are vital to anyone interested in participating in this program.

Download a Staff Apprentice application

Download an Application PDF

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“I really appreciated the family atmosphere, for trust and friendship that I could talk about what I was learning and experiencing. I learned a lot about being patient and listening to God’s directions instead of rushing to do things on my own.”

“The people were amazing. They encouraged me in so many ways. Senior Staff presented me with a lot of challenges and I was able to gain a lot of confidence from it. I gained a deeper understanding of how much the Lord loves me—I found my worth in Him and was healed from a lot of pain.”

“Serving on Senior Staff has changed my life. It has affirmed my vocation that only the Lord could call me to and has changed my mind on a lot of opinionated thoughts I once had.”

“I loved being in a community that was entirely focused on serving the Lord. Encouragement was given all the time and I could really feel the staff becoming a family.”

“I want to thank you so much for impacting my life while I was at the Springs on Support Team. You spoke words of truth to me and I will never forget them. While it was so good to see my family again when I got home, I keep replaying memories from the Springs because WSS has such a special place in my heart.”

“Thank you for letting me serve at WSS this summer. Being able to finally serve on Senior Staff has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. God taught me many things and grew me in many ways while I was at WSS—thank you for talking with me when I needed Truth poured into me.”

“Thank you all so much for allowing me to come and volunteer at WSS. I had such a good time serving and being served in return. I felt very encouraged being there and I feel better prepared to face the world after being there. I love how welcoming WSS is…it really is a home away from home. I am very thankful for the mentors and the people that encouraged me and invested in my life. It means so much to me to know that people are really interested in me and want to get to know me. WSS taught me to step out of my comfort zone and reach out to people who need friends.”

“I had such an amazing two weeks on Support Team! Thank you all so much for investing in me, encouraging me and equipping me to go out and give back to others. Even while working at WSS, I felt like I was home and you all were my family. Serving there has changed the way I think and I pray that I can pour into others the way you all pour into everyone who stays at the hotel.”

“Thank you for the best summer of my life. I loved every minute of working there and getting to know each staff member and guest.”

“God grew me so much over the 4 weeks I was there. I loved every morning devotion and all the deep conversations I had with the staff and you all. I actually started understanding what it means to be a Christian and live that out in everyday life…I can’t say enough how amazing White Sulphur Springs is and what God has and will continue to do there."