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Andrew’s Story:
A Prodigal Journey, A Walk of Faith

Andrew Baer grew up in an Army family and was born at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Like most military children, he had the privilege of moving around the United States and the opportunity to live overseas (in Germany).

He truly enjoyed traveling and living the culture wherever his family was assigned during his parents’ military careers. He graduated with a BA from George Mason University and was involved in restructuring the GMU Student Association and serving as Treasurer for the Humanitarian Action Working Group. Andrew also received an MA from the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

After graduation, Andrew worked for the Intelleger Risk Management Company, providing security for the Kajaki Dam Reconstruction Project in Afghanistan. Andrew served as the Site Security Intelligence Officer, working with both U.S. military and Afghan security forces. Andrew’s efforts were recognized by USAID in Kabul in that they used his product as the standard and “go-to” document for reference in the area of operations. Andrew served as an EMT with the Buckhall Fire Department for three years. He was a consummate professional and delivered work of the highest standard.

Because of his experiences as an “Army Brat,” Andrew continued to enjoy traveling during his free time as an adult. He completed a trip to Machu Picchu to celebrate the completion of his graduate degree. He was always interested in giving to others and kept busy by volunteering with their local HOA and coaching soccer for the local community.

More important than these activities and accomplishments was Andrew’s faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Andrew grew up in a strong Christian home but went through a prodigal period in his life where he walked away from his Christian faith and upbringing. He spent time searching for answers and truth. In God’s grace, he was brought back to where he started and he rededicated his life to Christ.

Andrew often attended camp and events at White Sulphur Springs. As an adult, he spent vacation time and volunteered to serve on staff as a counselor for Allegheny Outback (AO!). White Sulphur Springs was an incredibly powerful and important part of Andrew’s journey and Christian walk. It played an important role in bringing him to saving faith in Christ, and in turn, he gave back to White Sulphur Springs by serving on staff so that the Lord could use him to be a positive influence in the spiritual journeys of others.

Andrew’s life is not so much about his birth, his accomplishments or even his death—caused by a tragic accident while he was en route home from Afghanistan—but rather it is about his faith walk with Christ, his prodigal journey that saw him walk away from and then return to his Christian faith. The Lord used White Sulphur Springs in Andrew’s life as a child and as an adult, and he desired to be part of that process for others. Join us in honoring Andrew’s memory and continuing what he started by supporting the Andrew Baer Memorial Fund.

EMS Award honoring Andrew

“Andrew was my 2014 AO! Counselor. I am so grateful to have been able to get to know him because, though the time was short, he wasted not one moment. I have many fond memories of him. My favorite and most vivid being when he single-handedly canoed my brother down the river because he had gotten sick and thrown up. Andrew was marked by Christ-like love and servant-hood. I wish there were more men like him.”

—Bekah Runey

“Over the many years of AO! that I’ve done, I have had many amazing counselors but none like Andrew Baer. He was kind, light-hearted, and genuinely cared for each and every one of us campers. He was the exact friend I needed during that point in my life. His quiet nature made it easy to talk to him. He had a genuine interest in me and my life. I will miss him greatly, and he will always be remembered.”

—Caleb LeGear

“I will always remember Andrew’s challenge to me. He asked, ‘How do you tell who the second lieutenant is in a platoon of Soldiers?’ He said, ‘He is the guy with the messed-up shirt, who looks like he had no sleep last night, and the man with the worst MRE to eat. But you know what? Every Soldier in that platoon looks happy, well dressed and properly fed because the lieutenant is more concerned with their needs than his own…Be that guy.’ “

—David Markovich

Memorial and Prayer Wall

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Janet Pendergraph

The Baers are my neighbors and Mama Baer Jane is my good friend. Oh how she loved/still loves, but of course, her eldest son. Jane & Bob laughed, cried, shared & mentored Andrew and the three younger baby Baers through the various trials and triumphs that our children face. It is a testament to Jane that she soldiers on (pun intended) to love, encourage and celebrate her three surviving children. She has shared with me that while she recognizes that the earthly loss of Andrew will always haunt his siblings, she wants her Emily, Lillian and Eric to thrive, be happy and know they are so loved and that their big brother would tell them he wants them to smile and follow their paths.

What are my fondest memories of Andrew? 1. His curly dark hair. 2. The sound of his car stereo coming down the court tuned to the 70s and 80s music of my day! 3. Seeing Andrew not only take the time to play and goof in the yard with his younger sibs, particularly much younger brother Eric, but I could see in his body language that he truly enjoyed himself.

Received: February 13, 2018

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This perpetual fund with White Sulphur Springs is to ensure others, like Andrew, have the opportunity to return to their faith. White Sulphur Springs was so integral in the development of Andrew’s faith as a child and his return to faith as an adult. We ask that you help us ensure that his purpose in life continues beyond his physical death.

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