Interns will arrive the last week in August and will depart on or about 10 August of the following year.
EXSEL is a program that disciples young adults to value excellence, with hearts to serve and lead. Members will receive hands-on experience in service and leadership through mentoring relationships while being immersed in the unique culture and environment of the White Sulphur Springs Conference Center. The EXSEL experience revolves around three program pillars: a spiritual growth pillar, a vocational experience pillar and an academic growth pillar. EXSEL is an emerging mission area of our ministry intended to develop young leaders who will go on to have a multiplying effect for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, wherever He calls them to serve.

EXSEL interns will have the opportunity to serve in one or more of the following ministry areas:
• Marketing and Communications
• Guest Services and Hospitality
• Facilities and Maintenance
• Youth Programs
• Horse Program
• Culinary Arts
• Housekeeping
• and other areas as opportunities and skills become available

In addition to personal devotional time and one-on-one discipleship with a member of the WSS Ministry Team, interns will participate in guided study and discussion in a series of relevant and interesting topics such as:
• Christian hospitality
• Biblical view of leadership
• Christian doctrine
• Conflict resolution
• Biblical approach to marriage
• Biblical approach to financial stewardship
• Biblical counseling
• Christian worldview
• Apologetics

Interns wishing to get a head-start on future college plans—and those wishing to add to their undergraduate education—may enroll in the distance-learning programs of their choice. However, we recommend they limit themselves to a minimum number of hours during the fall semester so they can become more familiar with the demands of the discipleship and vocational programs.

You have the opportunity to let us know your areas of interest as well as your talents and skills. Most interns will get the opportunity to work and serve in multiple areas that support the ministry during their time in the program. In a few cases, where there are specialized needs and specific skill sets, some interns will specialize and concentrate on a specific aspect of the ministry during their time in the program.
White Sulphur Springs is a dynamic and busy place, with retreat groups and ministry happening virtually year-round. We work hard to provide some consistency to the schedule for the interns to have as much predictability as possible, with the understanding that some weeks are “non-typical” due to the dynamic nature of the conference center ministry. September through May, a typical week looks like this:

• Monday: Day off (for personal time, reading, study and academic preparation)

• Tuesday: Discipleship and/or apologetics classes are held in the morning, followed by a team lunch. Afternoons are reserved for reading and reflection, weekly or term writing assignments, counseling with the EXSEL Director or other ministry team members, and some time for constructive solitude. Interns enjoy dinners on Tuesday evenings in the homes of WSS staff members.

• Wednesday-Saturday: Vocational program, with each intern working alongside their ministry team mentors in their assigned departments.
On Wednesday evenings, interns have dinner at the EXSEL Director’s house.

Sunday: 1/2 of the EXSEL team will attend a local church with the EXSEL Director in the morning and return to WSS in the afternoon to join the other 1/2 who will be working to serve the weekend retreat guests. This will alternate between weeks so that each intern will have an opportunity to participate in corporate worship with a local church body at least twice a month.

June through August, the interns become part of the Senior Staff in support of the various adult and youth programs offered. Each will have one day off each week and will be working long hours and pretty consistently every other day of the week.

Yes. You are free to go home during your day off. Additionally, you will be given time off during the week of Thanksgiving, the first week of January (following the end of our last Winter Retreat), the fourth week in March (Spring Break), and for one week at the end of May/early June before the start of our summer staff training.
Yes. The Christmas season is a busy season at White Sulphur Springs with a full Winter Retreat program. This will be an important part of your development and discipleship as you have the opportunity to serve as part of the ministry team to the many guests that will come to the Springs for the Christmas holiday season.
Yes. If you are already taking online college or other vocational courses, you may continue to do so, as long as your program of study can be worked around the other requirements of the EXSEL program. Historically, however, program participants have found it challenging to continue academic pursuits given the rigors of the EXSEL program.
White Sulphur Springs will notify applicants of their acceptance into EXSEL no later than 15 April of the year for which they apply.

The EXSEL experience costs $2100. This fee does not cover all of the costs associated with the program, but helps to at least offset some of the expenses, such as books, materials and instruction provided in the spiritual growth pillar of the program, room and board, and other associated costs. The payment can be made in full, or in two equal payments of $1050 (due by 1 May for the fall semester and 1 November for the spring semester).

Virtually all of your expenses are covered in the EXSEL Program. However, any college or other vocational classes taken apart from the EXSEL program would have to pay individually.

From September through May, you will you will receive a $100 monthly stipend, intended to help cover some personal and living expenses. Upon successful completion of the spring semester, you will be given a critical leadership role as part of summer senior staff. During the time in this role from June-August, depending on which position you are given, you will receive a stipend in the range of $1,200-$2,000. When you add your $100 monthly stipend from September – May to the stipend for service in the summer, you’ll actually more than cover the $2,000 paid to participate in the program.

All meals are provided. During guest retreats, interns will dine at the hotel. During the rest of the week, food is stocked in their kitchens for their use. Additionally, interns will dine with a member of the White Sulphur Springs ministry team or broader White Sulphur Springs family several times per week in their homes as an intentional time to include the interns in their lives and invest in their future. Men and women will be housed in separate facilities on the White Sulphur Springs property.

The EXSEL Discipleship Program represents a rare opportunity to spend a year maturing in your spiritual walk while learning a vocational skill and, if compatible with your other duties, earning academic credit tailored to your own goals and your own journey. You can prepare for life while serving on the team of this dynamic OCF conference center ministry. Join White Sulphur Springs to take the next step on your journey, in the company of committed followers of Christ, and under the mentorship of experienced Christian leaders who want to invest in you.

EXSEL applications are due by 28 February in the year your participation would begin.

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