Fan favorites at White Sulphur Springs

During your stay with us, you can enjoy these magnificent animals in a number of different ways—from going on a trail ride, to feeding them a snack, to simply watching them in their pastures as you rock on the porch of Heritage House. We are offering a Horsemanship Day Camp during four weeks of our Summer R&R program.

If R&R means rodeo and riding to you, then you’ll definitely want to come and be part of the Horsemanship Day Camp, where you will learn the basics of riding, proper grooming techniques, how to “tack-up” a horse, and of course how to be safe around horses. Learn more about the Horsemanship Day Camp on the Summer R&R page and register to join us for this great opportunity!

Sponsor a WSS Horse

It costs $120 per month to feed and care for each horse here at WSS. By sponsoring a horse, you can choose your favorite horse (or multiple horses) to support financially. This money will go straight toward grain, hay, care items, medical bills, and farrier appointments.

What you will get in return

  • Colts: A free ride the next time you come to White Sulphur Springs!
  • Yearlings: Periodical updates on your horse (including a description of what your money provided for him/her, and a picture), and a free ride on your next visit to White Sulphur Springs.
  • Stallions: Quarterly updates on your horse (including pictures, a written update on the horses’ health status, and a description of what your money provided for him/her), a free ride on your horse the next time you come to White Sulphur Springs, and a special gift!
Click here to sponsor a horse

Meet the horses

Koa – the gentle giant

Koa, is close to our heart. He was rescued by a local who has a big heart for draft horses. Koa came to live at WSS and is worth his weight in gold. Our biggest horse also has the biggest heart. Look into his eyes and you see a new definition of “softness.” Draft, or “work” horses, are very unique, both in their size and demeanor. They tend towards forgiveness and are a great horse for a beginner. Who hasn’t dreamed of a trail ride in the mountains from the vantage point of riding a small mountain? Strong enough to carry a large man and gentle enough to carry a small child, Koa is our gentle giant.  In the herd he is undemanding and likes to hang out with his buddy Tasso.

Birthday: 2001

Breed: Draft horse

Color: Chestnut

Best friend: Tasso


Romeo, Oh Romeo…this stunning stallion never fails to capture the hearts of all who meet him. With his luxurious mane, raven coat, and crystal blue eyes, Romeo is as breathtaking and princely as they come; and although it shames the other geldings to admit, Romeo is the alpha male of ALL horses here at the Springs! If he has the chance to escape “The Shire”, you can be sure the first couple of places he’ll journey is the pastures of the Bachelors and the Aristocrats. He never tires of rounding the big horses in a neat huddle in front of him and rearing up on his back legs in glorious victory. But the best part about Romeo is not the strength of his heart, but it’s gentle, kindness. While he never hesitates to put the other horses in their place, he is ever ready to welcome any human guest that visits “The Shire”. He is sweet beyond words, affectionate, and absolutely hilarious. All in all, Romeo is one unforgettable friend.

Birthday: 2010

Breed: Miniature horse

Color: Black

Soulmate: Juliet


Say hello to Juliet (AKA “Jules”). Probably the biggest Diva known to horse-kind, Juliet is that perfect blend of sweet and sassy…well, mostly sassy. She loves nothing more than forever staying by the side of her handsome stud, Romeo, and can be found wherever he is…with the exception of mealtimes of course. Despite her loyalties to Romeo, she is a devout follower to whoever carries “THE” bucket of grain, as ultimately her moody-mini-heart is wherever the food is. This black and white mare brings “Shakespearean drama” to a whole new level…but hey, she does it in style and makes it an honor for any guest to meet her.

Birthday: 2010

Breed: Miniature horse

Color: Black and White

Soul Mate: Romeo


If you were to walk into the bachelor’s pasture, Zooka would be one of the first to greet you. He’s friendly, kind, and incredibly handsome. His favorite past-time activity is running through the high fields whenever we give him the chance; he’s definitely a free spirit—and a lovable one at that!

Birthday: 1997

Breed: Quarter horse

Color: Palomino

Best friend: Jack


Apache is a tri-color big boy, standing 15.2 hands. Handsome gelding, he has the ability and gentleness to take anybody for a ride. He is full of life at only 9 years old and has a big personality and great disposition. Come ride him and see God’s nature on one of our tallest horses.

Birthday: 2008

Breed: Quarter horse

Color: Indian Paint (Pinto)

Best friend: Tasso