Session 1 | 7 – 14 June

Dr Don Snider

COL Al Shine, USA (Ret)

Topic: “Rest and Strength for the OCF Ambassador”

The Shines and Sniders are seasoned OCF Ambassadors for Christ. Both couples have served for several decades at the intersection of the American family and the US military which are, according to sociologists, the two most “greedy” institutions in our society. Because of their intense demands on emotions, relationships, and time, they wear their members down often rolling right over them. Our speakers will equip younger OCFers with the means to find the rest, peace, and strength to serve as Ambassadors for the Kingdom amid the unrelenting demands of life within the military. They will recommend a Biblical approach – Union with Christ.

Dr. Don Snider served within the US Army for 53 years as a Soldier-Scholar, retiring for the third time in 2016. As a Soldier he served for 29 years, from combat in Vietnam to the highest levels of our government in the National Security Council, The White House. As a Scholar he is Professor, Emeritus, at West Point and recipient of three life-time achievements awards from international societies that study the military. He has been an OCF’er for many decades, serving as regional director in Germany and in Washington DC, and as an OCF Council member for almost a decade. He and his wife, Caroline reside in Carlisle, PA, where they teach Sunday School and serve within the various ministries of Memorial Chapel.

Colonel (USA, Ret) Alexander (Al) Shine served 27 years active duty, ten years as an educator in a private high school, and has taught and spoken on a variety of topics since his second retirement. Al came to Christ as a West Point cadet and he and his wife Sandra have been active with OCF and various chapel and church ministries throughout his Army and post-Army careers. They have been blessed with 53 years of marriage [54 on June 12], three adult children and 5 grandchildren. They currently live in Carlisle, PA where they worship in the Carlisle Barracks Chapel and participate in OCF, PWOC, and a chapel sponsored men’s ministry focused on students at the Army War College.

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Session 2 | 14 – 21 June, Two for One Week – How exciting!

COL Bobby Little, USA (Ret)

Pastor Doug Rutt

Summer R&R 2 is a very special week, two speakers, two messages, dovetailed with care. Two retreats in one. 

Topic for the weekend: “Our Identity from the Word of the Father” (Bobby Little)

Our Identity Established by the Word; Our Identity Validated by the Word; Our Identity Sustained by the Word; Our Identity Defended by the Word

Topic for the week: “The Upper Room Discourse” (Doug Rutt)

During the last supper with His disciples, Jesus made a few promises that seem difficult to believe.  “Greater things than I did, you will do” and “It is to your advantage that I go away”. Was Jesus simply trying to make his disciples feel better on the eve of his death or was he introducing a life that many Christians have yet to discover?  Come discover the life Jesus intended for us.

Bobby Little serves as the Executive Director of Christian Embassy in Washington DC, a ministry of Cru. Christian Embassy is a non-political, non-denominational ministry that is reaching leaders who can change the world. The ministry serves as a spiritual resource for leaders in the White House, Members of Congress, presidential appointees, ambassadors and military and civilian leaders in the Pentagon, their staffs and their families.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Hampton University and a Master of Science degree in public relations from Syracuse University, Bobby is also a certified executive coach through George Mason University. He was designated a Distinguished Military Graduate and received a commission in the United States Army. During his military career, he led troops at every level – platoon, company, battalion and brigade including a deployment to Kuwait. He served at every staff level including the office of the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Bobby is married to Sheila and they have five adult children and seven grandchildren. He is an elder at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA. He has served as a nationally elected Council Member of Officers’ Christian Fellowship; a lifetime member of the Hampton University Military Alumni Association where he was inducted into their Hall of Fame. Bobby and Sheila were speakers for FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conferences.

Bobby enjoys coaching and mentoring and gets energized by developing leaders. Bobby’s number 1 Strengthsfinder score is “Positivity”.

Had you asked me about where I would serve in ministry when I graduated from Columbia International University in 1986, I would have said “I will never serve in the church. I will never teach adults, and I will never be a pastor.” God obviously had other plans! I am glad He did.

I was raised in Lancaster, PA and placed faith in Jesus to be my Savior at the early age of ten. Although I knew Jesus had saved me for heaven, I struggled greatly with trying to live as a Christ follower. I just wasn’t very good at it – at least not for very long! Then in High School I heard a man say that “The Christian life isn’t difficult – it is impossible.” That had certainly been my experience, but God graciously opened my eyes to Galatians 2:20: “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

The reality that Jesus had wrapped Himself in my humanity and that He was living in me completely changed my understanding of the Christian life. I was no longer left to my best efforts of pleasing God, but was learning to live by faith and acknowledge my utter inadequacy but His complete adequacy so that my role was to present my body to be an instrument in and through which He lived His life. Some people call this truth the Exchanged Life; it certainly changed mine.

I attended Ravencrest Bible School in Estes Park, CO and then went to CIU for additional Bible and ministry training. While at CIU, I not only received excellent training in Bible Teaching, but God also opened my eyes and heart to world missions.

After CIU, Jackie and I were married and immediately moved to Jacksonville, where I spent 3 years teaching Bible to middle school students at Grace Christian Academy. We began attending CFC in 1987, joined the staff team as Youth Pastor in 1989 and the elders invited me to serve as Pastor-Teacher in 1998.

Since coming to CFC God has blessed Jackie and me with six children. The oldest four are married and in 2015 we joyfully entered into the new world of being grandparents! The Chapel has been an awesome place to raise our family. Away from CFC I enjoy fishing, tennis and almost anything competitive with family and friends.