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Explore the rich history of White Sulphur Springs

While you’re here, explore our 1000+ acres of hills, fields, streams, ponds, trails, barns, and trees. Because we are nestled in a cove in the forested mountains of central Pennsylvania and a bit off the beaten path, the pace around here is slow making the outdoors a tranquil place for reflection or down time. Several historic structures dating to the 1800s dot the landscape. In fact, the White Sulphur Spring, which gives the conference center its name, was frequented by the Shawnee Indians long before settlers came to the cove in which it is located. A log tavern was built in the mid-1700s near the site of Buckingham Field. It was originally used as a way station for drovers traveling the packers’ trail along the crest of Will’s Mountain from Bedford village. In later years, the building was expanded and refurbished for guests coming to “take the waters” at the spring.

By the late 1800s, at least three small summer boarding houses were operating in the cove, capitalizing on the popularity of the area’s many springs. Their success prompted Bedford attorneys John P. Reed and William Lyon to construct the more substantial White Sulphur Springs Hotel, a two-story building which opened for business in 1887. The following year, brothers Michael and Ross Colvin were retained to manage the hotel. By 1900, a third story had been added to the hotel, and a two-story cottage was built next door, initially serving as an office and later providing overflow lodging. Guests arriving at the Sulphur Springs station via the Bedford-Bridgeport Railroad (later part of the Pennsylvania Railroad) were brought to the hotel by wagon to enjoy carriage rides, bowling, teas, dinners and parties, in addition to simple but comfortable lodging. The green wagon that graces the front of the old hotel today was reconstructed from parts and pieces of the early “station wagons” found on the property.

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Our Kennels

  • To make a reservation for a kennel call the office at (814)623-5583

  • You must be able to care for your dog during your stay. This includes provision of food and taking the dog out. If you would like help, there are some staff kids that offer a dog care service for a nominal fee

  • You are responsible to leave the kennels clean after your pet’s stay

  • The kennel costs $8/night

Do you have a canine friend you’d like to bring to WSS? We would love to accommodate your pooch. We have 4 outdoor kennels available at a cost of $8 a night. There is hook-up for electricity so you can supply your dog with a heating pad if you come to visit during a change of seasons. The kennels are located in a shaded area of the camp to provide outside shade plus an enclosed space for a dog to rest out of the elements. Dogs only please. Your cat is welcome to find shelter off-camp. If you have questions about professional kennels located off-site, please call the office at (814)623-5583. There are no dogs allowed inside the hotels except trained service dogs.