That’s a great question !

Let’s unpack this. You want to do special things and create family memories, but your budget isn’t unlimited. You also want to invest in your faith and model to your children what it means to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.

We get it. So let’s take a deeper look.

Prices for a family of 4 for a 3 day getaway

Disney World 3 nights 4 days

  • Shades of Green Hotel $477
  • Meals: $816
  • Tickets $1596
  • Travel $160 gas two ways from DC

Seven Springs Ski Vacation 3 nights 4 days

  • The Lodge $1099
  • Meals: $793
  • Tickets $972
  • Travel $36 gas two ways from DC

White Sulphur Springs Valentines

  • Lodging Heritage House $325.50
  • Meals $325.50
  • Family conference fee $100
  • Travel $28 gas two ways from DC

**these rates are based off a family room (2 queen beds/3 nights), meal plan (Disney Includes: 1 regular meal, 1 quick meal, two snacks/day, Seven Springs plan includes: breakfast, 1 restaurant meal, 1 pizza with soda meal/day, tickets are the activity at the location, gas assumed at $2.29 gallon. 

What do you get with a White Sulphur Springs vacation?

  • Full Children’s Program for 4 days
  • A romantic getaway for you and your spouse
  • Some couple time in a beautiful setting
  • A 5 star banquet dinner with babysitting included
  • The Springs family who know you and LOVE your kids
  • You can feed and lodge your child for $28, teen for $37
  • Lodging with 3 delicious upscale restaurant meals a day
  • Your hotel while you enjoy the local skiing or other attractions
  • A speaker who brings meaningful content for your faith and marriage
  • Activities planned so you can enjoy your family
  • A deeper dive with your loved one for a more harmonious marriage

Be our guest

We are thinking about your bottom line. But more than that, we are thinking about your family, your relationship with Christ and making a difference in this world one family at a time. Our mission includes you

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